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Self-Consistent Linearly Rising Rho Regge Trajectory

Adel F. Antippa and Allen E. Everett
The Physical Review D
vol. 8, no. 5, pp. 1446-1460 (1973)

A bootstrap calculation of a linearly rising rho Regge trajectory is performed using the Balázs method of decoupling the N/D equations, with the left-hand cut approximated by 7 poles. The input rho mass and width are taken as the experimental values of 750 MeV and 100 MeV respectively. The value of the bootstrapped slope is 0.701 GeV-2 corresponding to an input intercept of [alpharho(0)]in=0.605, an output intercept of [alpharho(0)]out=0.608, an output rho mass of (mrho)out=747 MeV, and an output rho width of (Delta mrho)out=71 MeV. The sensitivity of the results to the details of the calculation is studied extensively. The details of the Balázs method are given as well as some techniques of handling the method in an approximation with a large number of poles.

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